Your local community shop and post office

Photocopying, Laminating and Printing

We can provide small numbers of A4 photocopies, usually while you wait. If you want A4 or smaller sheets laminated, we can do this for the next day. We can also do larger volume printing in either colour or black and white at very competitive prices (5p a sheet for black and white A4 pages, 8p for colour A4 pages). Details of these services are available in the shop.

Ordering/Reserving Items

You can ask us to reserve for you any item that we sell in the shop on either a regular or a one-off basis. You can also ask us to order in items that we do not normally stock, eg. a particular magazine or a type of fish.
Just ask at the counter or phone in your order if that is more convenient

Home Deliveries

If ill health or other problems make it difficult for you to get to the shop, home delivery can be arranged. If you need this service please talk to or phone Susanna or Elizabeth in the Post Office (01392 271972)