Your local community shop and post office

untitledCash Withdrawals and Paying In

You can pay into and withdraw cash from most major bank accounts free of charge (some banks may charge) over the counter.


Bill Payments

Whether you need to pay utility bills, add credit to your mobile or top up your gas card or electricity key, you can do all this over the post office counter.

Why pay at the Post Office?

  • Sort all your bills in one go: pay by cash, card, cheque, Postal Order or Post Office Budget Card
  • Save time topping up: top up your mobile, gas card and electricity key

Post Office Card Account

Useful for people who don’t have a bank account, the Post Office® card account is specifically for receiving Pensions, benefits and tax credit

Key benefits

  • No overdraft and no charges
  • No credit checks
  • Take cash out and check your balance