Your local community shop and post office

Thealth lotteryhe National Lottery has doubled the price of a ticket to £2 a line – so why not try “The Health Lottery” at only £1 a line at our Post Office? Prizes are £10, £50, £250, £10,000 & £100,000 and each line you buy earns commission for the PO – also the PO gets commission on any winnings you collect there! See Susanna or Elizabeth for more details

The Health Lottery Scheme manages 51 separate society lotteries which operate in rotation and together represent the whole of the UK.  20p of every £1 played on The Health Lottery goes directly to local health-related good causes.  Money raised doesn’t go towards services that are covered by existing NHS funding.  Since its launch in October 2011, thanks to Health Lottery players, over £37.6 million has been raised for health-related good causes such as Alzheimer’s Society, Youth Sports Trust,  Princess Royal Trust for Carers, Mencap and many, many more.