Your local community shop and post office

Basic EPOS – things you definitely need to know…

Screen Shots-1a

Log on

enter your personal number then press SIGN ON
if the previous volunteer is still logged in Press Zero then press SIGN OFF, then log on as above

 Item with no barcode

Enter the price eg £4.50 is entered as 450 (never use the . dot – used for programming only)
Press the relevant department button on the Main Menu.  (The PLANTS button is the only one that will open a menu for a further selection.) The item and price are displayed in the basket.

Item with barcode

Scan the barcode and the item will automatically be priced and entered into the basket (note the scanner is activated by movement and may take a second or two to switch on) further gentle movement may be required to activate it.

Fruit & Veg

Individually priced items – select the button from A-Z Fruit & Veg menus at the bottom right of the screen – then press the relevant button this will automatically enter the correct price.

Items that need weighing – place on the scales – select the A-Z menu button – press the relevant button and the system will automatically weigh and price the item and show the details in the basket.

Not sure whether the Fruit/Veg is to be weighed or not?  Put it on the scales anyway, if it is an item that is priced individually it won’t make any difference!


Barcode won’t scan?
Enter price manually and then press the relevant MENU button – not sure which one? Press Groceries Non VAT.  Make a note of the item so that it can be added to the system.

Cashing up the total

Now you have all items correctly entered into the basket…
Press – SUBTOTAL then enter Cash tendered by the customer Eg £10.00 note – enter 1000
press CA/AMTTEND – the correct change to give will be displayed and the cash drawer will open.
(Always use this method even if the correct money is tendered – as every transaction is recorded this will enable us to settle any dispute should one arise.)