Your local community shop and post office

Ide Shop is registered with the Financial Services Authority as a Society called Ide Community Shop Association Limited. The Society exists to carry out business for the benefit of the community.
The Governing Rules of the Society  set out the way in which it is owned, organised and governed.

Membership of the Society

  • is the means by which the society is owned by the community.
  • is open to anyone over 18 years old who pays  £10 for a share  and whose application for membership is accepted by the management committee.
  • provides members with information about the society and its business, a voice in the society ( a vote at the annual members’ meeting) and the opportunity to be elected onto the management committee.

If you would like to become a member /shareholder, simply go into the shop, with £10 in an envelope, which includes your – name, address, and contact details and a Share Certificate will be delivered to you. Please consider this.

The Management Committee is elected by members/shareholders at the Annual Members’ Meeting. It is responsible for all aspects of running the shop. Once elected, committee members serve for 3 years.

The Management committee currently has the following officers
David Howe       – Chairman
Imogen Walsh   – Vice Chair
Simon Cain        – Treasurer
Rose Saunders  – Secretary
David Williams  (Volunteer Co-ordinator)
The other members of the management committee are:
Liz Bishop
Barry Hookins
Nikki Pattison
Carolyne Prowse
Alan Saunders
Penny Smith

Meetings take place at monthly or bimonthly intervals according to work load and are attended by the post office staff.

  • The minutes of management committee meetings are available to view by clicking here.

  • The accounts of the Ide Community Shop Association are available to view by clicking here.

The work involved in running the shop is carried out by 3 subgroups, Stock and Promotions, Strategic Marketing  and Fabric and Buildings, the latter includes 3 co-opted members, Ian Campbell, David Howe and Clive Edmonds.

Facebook Posts and the Shop Website

If you are interested in posting some news or events on the shop’s Facebook page please contact Alan Saunders, email:

If you want to pass on any comments or ideas about the website, please contact Ann Boyce, email :