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 Ide Shop Community Fund


It has always been the intention for the Ide Community Shop to make a surplus each year and for a proportion of this to be re-invested within the shop and for the remainder to be invested in the wider village to support community facilities and activities.

The Ide Community Shop is much more than a place where purchases can be made, it is a place of community, where people meet, make friends and get to know what is going on and available in the area. The shop is therefore a central part of the village from which a wide variety of services and support are intended to be available.


The Ide Shop Community Fund is the vehicle that has been set up to support local community facilities and activities in the Ide village area, as a way of sharing the surpluses generated by the shop through its trading activities.  The fund is a relatively small amount that will be allocated each year with a simple application and decision making process

Ide Shop Community Fund

The Ide Shop Community Fund will be a ring fenced account with the specific purpose of supporting the community. It will have varying amounts to allocate each year, based on the amount of surplus generated by the Ide Community Shop and the needs of the shop to develop, expand, etc…


Applications are invited, that meet the following criteria:

  • For the benefit of people living in the Ide area
  • To support activities or facilities that benefit the local community
  • For organisations/groups, etc. providing direct activities/services/facilities (i.e. not simply for fund raising groups to apply to boost their fundraising targets)
  • Ordinarily £250 maximum application will be considered, so designed for small groups that needs small amounts
  • Ordinarily the fund is designed for groups rather than individuals, although this is not excluded.

Application Process

Applications will be invited throughout the year and each applicant will need to

  • Download an Application Form from here or pick one up in the shop.        
  • Complete the simple Application Form, ensuring all the information requested is included
  • Submit in a sealed envelope addressed to Ide Shop Community Fund c/o The Treasurer, Ide Community Shop and left with the person on duty  in the shop
  • Provide at least two accurate estimates and/or quotes for the expenditure.

Decision Making

Ordinarily, the Ide Shop Community Fund will be allocated during May each year, when all received applications will be considered by the Ide Community Shop Management Committee.  Their decisions will be final,with members expressing any conflict of interest abstaining from this process .




 Revised October 2013